Technology consulting brings all elements to create a successful secure digital transformation that drive business growth.
We help steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility —that lays a future ready foundation.

Why Newlineinfo

Newlineinfo can help create the right technology strategy, develop the business case for
change and provide a roadmap for the journey. We provide customized tailor made solutions
that you are assured your technology, business processes and workforce are integrated from
strategy development through implementation.

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Industry expertise

As a one-stop shop for all cutting-edge technology needs, we design and develop web applications across domains as varied as healthcare and education to insurance, real-estate and retail, and we do it on time and on budget.

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Technical innovation

Going mobile will help your business streamline operations and bring it closer to modern customers. Our top-notch developers bring mobile apps to life with nimble and flawless code, ensuring a quick, reliable, and accessible bridge between you and your customers.

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Digital Transformation

Our trained specialists can help you manage complex systems integration challenges inherent with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond.

Strategic Capabilites

Drive Digital Transformation

The consulting arm of Digital Business accelerates the realization of value from transformation and develops the capability for clients to stay on track and succeed in the disruptive and rapidly changing global economy.

We offer:

Insight to Transformation

Creates digital strategy that defines a client’s trajectory for transformation and accelerates value creation.

Transformation Enablement

Leveraging deep experience in the management of complex business and IT transformations, our skilled practitioners establish the strategy, structure, roadmap, controls and governance needed to move forward with confidence.

Workforce Transformation

Organizations today are shaped by a confluence of changing forces, including the need for a more agile workforce, an influx of digital platforms and shifting employee-machine workflows.

Change Adoption

Provides a comprehensive digital strategy for implementing large scale transformation at scale.

Managed Innovation

Uses an insight-driven, agile working process to prioritize and rapidly develop client solutions delivering new forms of value.

Gain Actionable Insight

As companies move from doing digital to being digital, it’s imperative that the business model is centered around data, with analytics and artificial intelligence providing the insight needed to compete as a market leader.

In the areas of data and analytics, we advise our clients on strategies for delivering, leveraging and extracting value from information for a competitive advantage. We deliver this by focusing on identifying business value as well as bridging business needs and IT capabilities through business, data and architectural blueprinting.

Key client outcomes include:

Actionable consumer insight

Faster, more predictive decision-making

Reduced cost of operations

Enhanced customer experiences for greater ROI

Structured enterprise-wide data governance

Digitize Key Process

We help clients re-design, re-engineer, automate and digitize their existing business processes to lower operating costs and position them for growth while building and re-engineering intelligent processes.

Our engagements can range from simple process assessments that can lead to small process improvement engagements to larger scale operational transformations that include target operating model design and implementation.

We offer value to clients through:

Significantly increasing in efficiency by pulling levers in process, automation and outsourcing

Re-engineering the back office to support the customer experience redesign being driven within many of our clients

Optimizing operations across multiple locations through target operating model analysis and design

Establishing of a center of excellence for automation to help companies integrate a digital-first mindset into their operations culture

Simplify, Modernize and Secure

We help our clients achieve growth and innovation through digital transformation by strategizing their digital IT roadmap, simplifying IT operating models, modernizing technology architecture, and securing assets and data.

Our offerings include:

CIO Advisory

A range of advisory services to help CXOs build a simple, secure and modern technology roadmap for the future

Digital Engineering

Helps clients build the right technology products, in the right way, faster, resulting in maximized developer productivity and satisfied customers

Cloud Consulting

A range of cloud services to help our clients develop effective, sustainable strategies to enable digital business and engineering transformations that support emerging customer success models


A range of security services to help our clients understand and develop strategies to manage security threats, adopt new security processes and technologies, and provide ongoing security support and operations management

Legacy Modernization and Core Hardening

Helps clients transform their enterprise IT systems to be more modern, agile and effective in response to emerging business drivers like consumerization, digitization or productization

Reimagine Enterprise Processess for Digital

We bring deep process knowledge to support our clients’ reimagining of how best to run their businesses, with an understanding of the technology underpinning.

Our consulting expertise spans customer experience, finance transformation, supply chain management and human capital management processes—enabled by platform consulting around Salesforce.com, Pega, SAP, Oracle and other emerging platforms—to deliver value across the enterprise process landscape.

The value we provide to clients includes:

Business outcomes

CXO value

Operational efficiency

Process effectiveness

Strategic insights

Digital process transformation


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