Boost workplace engagement & productivity across devices


All your team members in one place

Securely communicate with your colleagues wherever they are.


Track on-field workforce & fleet

View the location of the on-field team and assets in real-time on the map.
Notify when the asset arrives near to pick up and drop off point.

field work tracking

Visualize, collaborate and optimize tasks in real-time with your team

It is easy as writing a sticky note and pasting it to a whiteboard, so anyone in the group can use them.

real-time optimization

Make decisions faster, face to face

Just a click, your meeting is a video conference with a camera-enabled computer, phone, or tablet.
Share your screen to review your work as a team.

screen sharing

For informed decision making

Dashboard with the right information to the right people in different scenarios.


Security & Compliance

Our stringent processes and policies have helped us in building a secure work management solution that is enterprise reliable.



Auditing Capabilities

Access Control

Why Us?

Real-time Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration for faster decisions

Customize & streamline workflow

Customize & streamline workflow to your company needs

increase productivity

Savings in time & cost - increase productivity (15-45%)

control user access

Complete control over data and user access

Integrated enterprise applications

Integrate easily with your enterprise applications

cloud technology

Cloud technology, no maintenance