Where We Started

In 2007, Thomas Cyril Gaspar and his nephew, Jey Antony, had an idea and transformed this idea into a business reality called NEWLINEINFO, a custom website design and development company. Working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe, our professional web design and development company has designed over 500+ websites, promoted over 150+ customer brand identities, and developed over 75+ mobile applications. “We grow organically through word of mouth. People like our work, like what we did, and it is because of these valued customers, we are able to create something this great,” says Jey Antony, co founder.

What We Do

At NEWLINEINFO, a professional web design and development company, our objective is to share our technical ingenuity to equip our clients with a powerful Internet identity that garners success. Our custom web development company takes your ideas and turns them into realities that send a strong message to your customers and make believers out of them. We have strengthened our web design company to offer brand development, web design and development, mobile application development, eCommerce development, and cloud services in the USA, Canada, France, and UK, and we also continue to grow to support a progressive clientele. Our dynamic NEWLINEINFO website design and development team is excited every day about the technological advances that we can incorporate into workable and rewarding services for our clients. It is this management philosophy that drives our website design and development team to create something better, every time.

What We Believe

The NEWLINEINFO web development company's culture is about establishing long-term relationships with our clients and community. We have established this rapport through a process where we envision success and execute for results. Our clients have come to know us for bettering the community in which we all live and work and for changing the Internet landscape, one significant project at a time. We do all we can to support volunteer services and nonprofits, and we hope to make a difference.


The NEWLINEINFO leadership team is made up of consultants, technologists, web designers, mobile application developers, web developers and brand management experts in business intelligence with years of experience. Each modest individual on this great web design team is dedicated to think outside the box, analyze market trends, and adhere to proven website design and development strategies for promoting your products and services. We blend years of professional web design and development experience in a set of brilliant minds with the intelligence to do just about anything for our clients. In relationships with our valued clients, we build strength and experience for the next web project, and we believe our achievements rely on the success stories of every client.
With NEWLINEINFO, you partner with a leadership team for life. We work by an envision-evolve-execute model that begins with you and our leadership team, transforms into solid relationships with our dynamic web designers and developers, and results in your business success. We build relationships that we don’t want to end, and our clients feel the same way.

Jey Antony

Jey Antony, CEO, is the cool, creative mind and ingenious curator behind the NEWLINEINFO foundation. Jey’s amazing outlook, dedication to hard work, and aim to captivate his customers are just some of the ways he has made success out of a simple idea. His ideas-innovation-individuality approach to user experience and interactive design & development business has taken NEWLINEINFO into new technological territories for next generation Internet. After thirteen years in software and hardware roles, serving industry leaders like Deloitte, Intelsat, Verizon, Andrews Air Force Base, IBM, and Census Bureau, Jey knows how to disrupt the marketplace technology for the greater good.
Jey is known for his entrepreneurial and strategic skills for success, and giving something back to the community in the process. “I like to ensure that my clients are involved in every phase of the work, and I’ll go the extra mile to keep the communication channels open along the way.” Jey exudes confidence and advocates a refreshed, on-trend perspective with every client. He wants to know about his clients, listen to their ideas, and create web design solutions that rock. His clients want to work with him over and over.

Thomas Cyril Gaspar

Thomas Cyril Gaspar, co-founder of NEWLINEINFO, has over twenty years of experience as a software trainer and hardware technologist. Thomas’ vision for hard work along with his marketing abilities, work ethics, and customer sustainability efforts have established him as a valued partner and resource in his industry. Thomas was instrumental in founding NEWLINEINFO with his nephew, Jey Antony, in 2007. He has successfully managed clients from both private and government sectors, where he gained experience through his thirst for knowledge, systematic work procedures, management skills, and thoughtful attention to employees. Thomas’ mantra for success: “Be passionate about what you do.” His internal team philosophy translates to trusted services for his clients. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Madras, with a post-graduate diploma in computer applications.

Karthik Pichai

When it comes to mobile, eCommerce, cloud, and business intelligence, Karthik Pichai has the tenacity and experience, with a passion for building companies from the ground up. As NEWLINEINFO CTO, Karthik brings over a decade of management, international business development, technology consulting, product management, and software engineering experience to the team. Karthik takes an idea that piques his interest and turns it into something big. He is driven by his ability to conceptualize solutions and provide sustainability consulting, as proven in his successful endeavors with IT companies, educational institutions, and more. Karthik holds a MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Southern Illinois University and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras, India. Karthik believes in high integrity along with a sense of humor among his clients and his team.  


With market demands for high-quality, compelling, and memorable web experiences, NEWLINEINFO is equipped with the creative inventiveness, technical prowess, and proven practices to get serious about your business. It is no time to fool around, and we have the intelligence and the toolsets to provide unparalleled services and a brand marketing strategy that sells. At NEWLINEINFO, we stand behind a hybrid support model in order to provide a cost-effective blend of onshore and offshore skillsets to complement your business needs. This blended solution allows us to rely on resources in various locations and still meet the needs of cost-conscious clients.
At NEWLINEINFO, we are a cornerstone in modern, edgy website design and development, mobile application development and brand development solutions, we live by a strong work ethic, and we care about a community where clients want to win. Take a look at our portfolio of clients that have made their mark on the Internet, and see individual and innovative custom web designs and brand management strategies that stand out in the crowd. We create unique web designs! We make your websites look different! We make your web designs competitive!


The NEWLINEINFO leadership team meets with you to learn about your business concepts, to hear your ideas, and to understand your message. We assess your business needs, review your goals, and analyze your current position in the market. We design a strategy based on the specific products and services we can provide to complete your brand expression. Once a strategy is a reality, we work with our valued clients through every phase of our proven process and beyond. We believe in three core methodologies for brand, web, and app development. We have applied these techniques repeatedly, and our satisfied customers can attest to their success. If you are a startup, small or enterprise level business, or a government entity, you select from the unique services we provide to kickstart your business or take it to next level: The NEWLINEINFO process is designed with you in mind, and you will love being part of an innovative and amazing team along the way.

Let NEWLINEINFO engage you in methodologies that work!


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